Why you need a video?

Visitors spend on average 2 minutes longer on your site if you have a video.

70% of customers prefer to watch a video than read boring copy on a website.

Video on landing pages can increase conversion by up to 80%.

53 x better chance of getting onto page 1 of google.

41% higher CTR than plain text in search results.

Youtube dominates the search results. Your brand should be on it.


Everything you need to know - read on...

Creating short, entertaining, informative and amusing videos to promote your brand, product, company or services are a sure fire way to get attention. For technology startups in particular, the animated explainer video has become an integral part of their business marketing, minimum viable product and gauging feedback from their market. But you don't have to be building some newfangled gadgety-gizmo.

Traditional product and service companies can benefit from promoting what they do, how they do it and what sets them apart from the rest using animated videos.

I have fairly recently become passionate about this type of video production (if you read my Tech & Creative blog, you'll know) and have invested in the training and skills for advising my clients on how to make the most of this fantastic media opportunity. But alas, I'm no pro. I can do a good job, but I know you want a great job.

So I have hooked up with expert Explainer video producers PieHole.TV in a close collaboration partnership to offer these services. In consistent fashion, instead of writing about these guys, just take a look at this short video.

How Does It Work?

I don't blame you for asking. I know that as soon as you start looking at producing a video you will be astounded at just how much effort goes into it and HOW MUCH IT COSTS!

I did some considerable research into the agencies, consultants and freelance options, when I was looking to do my first Explainer Video and the whole thing blew my mind. It will probably do the same to you.

With PieHole.TV we keep it very simple.

  • A visible and easy to understand process. 
  • A simple 3 tier package option.
  • World class customer service to get you through all of that.

Packages & Pricing







The Process

Step 1 - The Script

We present a script to you, which we can workshop & tweak to perfection. Once you're 90% happy with the script, the designers can start to work on the style - look & feel.

Step 2 - Look and Feel

Based on the original brief and a script that's near enough done, we'll present a "look and feel" of our proposed design for your video. This will be a single frame still image, encompassing a snap shot of COLOUR, STYLE, CHARACTERS.

Step  3 - Storyboard

Now this is where you get to see how your video is going to look, scene-by-scene. For step 3 to start, step 1 & 2 need to be approved and completed. We can tweak the storyboard until you're 100% happy and make as many changes as needed. This is important, as you can't make any more changes to the script or brief beyond this point.

Step 4 - Voice

We present a selection of voice clips to choose from. It's fun hearing your script come alive and once you've decided on your favourite, we will provide a full recording for final approval.

Step 5 - Animation

Final Voice and Storyboard are in place, so let's get animating! Typically this'll take 7 - 10 days. We'll present the animated video and then make any corrections as necessary.

Step 6 - Sound 

Adding the wow factor into the animation with perfectly timed and synchronised sound effects and backing tracks is the final step, but relies on you having signed off step 5. Any sound changes and corrections can be made as you like. 

TA - DA! Your video is complete, you are delighted, we are well chuffed and you are ready to take your message to the world.


Of course you want to know how long this will all take and of course, I will tell you. Each video can take from 3 - 8 weeks and a lot depends on how fast you can provide feedback and take action at the relevant phases. On average, we complete our projects in 4 - 5 weeks and are very responsive at implementing your changes and feedback. 

Now, should you require something a bit quicker, on a tighter deadline, talk to us and we can be speedy.

For all you fellow GANTT chart lovers, here's an overview based on the longer timeline.

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