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Double Digital - Brand Refresh

In some spare moments over Christmas (there really weren't that many), I took the opportunity to give my "freelance services / boutique consultancy" website a bit of a facelift. First thing was I've moved to a new URL -, from the previous domain of


It's weird, because I actually have very little to say about name itself - other than Doubledigg was always short for Double Digital.

When I recall back a few years, it started as an attempt to build a kind of freelancers platform, similar to elance or freelancer, but using the globally sourced developers, designers, seo-ers, administrators and researchers that I had personally vetted - worked with, trained, developed, learned from and gave experience to - and make them available to a network of my own.

I didn't really persevere with it, because I preferred to work closely with my global remote-based teams rather than just stick profiles on a system and let people dive in and help themselves. It's very difficult to make remote working work well - there's lots of horror stories which I'm sure you've heard before and have scared you off of outsourcing to places like India, Russia, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Argentina... well let me tell you that it's because people don't understand the process, the mindset, the compromise.

Truth be told, the other reasons I went for the name Doubledigg at the time were kind of funny. First, (remember that?) was kind of a big deal then and I though the similarity in the name could piggy back some sort of brand association, misguided searches, that sort of thing. 

Also, my friends at the time had just started out in business on their own - a retail marketing agency (and I must say, they've done brilliantly since - if you are responsible for creating stores with wow factor, you should give them a call), called Double Europe. I figured, if I built something remotely interesting, they may want to buy it or bolt it on to their business some day (still waiting for that to happen).

Anyway, when I started consulting and doing work for clients, building websites, SEO, strategy, project management, I just used that name as the website was already setup, I had built a bit of a Twitter following and Facebook Fan page like-count, so just stuck with it. 

Is it the best name in the world? No, sadly it's not.

Do I care? Not really. I have thought about rebranding to something really cool like my friend @fuel-digital or the guys @riothq, but what the hell. What about some of these names? Could I name it after someone who screwed me over like the guys at THE BANK did? or what about HIGH HEELS & BANANAS? Or hang on, what if I was to name my office the Embassy of the Republic of Moosylvania?

But, what is cool?

Well, I decided to make a statement. I've spent too long on the train back and forward to offices in London, not really existing here or there. Well, I decided to sing loud and proud, I live and work in a stunningly beautiful part of the world which I take for granted. Super talented photographer and friend Jake Moore has given me the ability to not forget that fact, by providing some glorious images of the surrounding area where I get to come home to, from wherever I've been travelling.


There's a pretty cool portfolio section, which I'll flesh out and add some more details too the case studies in there shortly (just images for now), but there's some more in depth write ups on this site in the Projects & Portfolio sections in the meantime.

Anyhoo, that's done. Back to saving the world (or at least the economy) from Information Overwhelm!!!

Want to get your Video on TV? This will blow you your mind!

 Credit to Slate V and Frank Kern for bringing this to my attention. I duly forwarded to my friends in the City's largest full service agencies. I can only imagine how this'll go down in the "Wastage" departments of Broadcast Media advertising and I can hear the cogs whirring already of the digital minds and how they're going to be breaking the news in company cafe.... To be a fly on the wall.

So, all you have to do is create an ad? Yeah - I think so. Obviously Google control ad quality through their guidelines and approval processes but you'd expect that right? It's amazing to think anyone can access anything on the web, but put it on a bigger box in your living room and suddenly everyone's a critic!

I think that with a bit of figuring out, this could be a major coup for smaller and newer companies, with an edgy story to tell, who otherwise wouldn't have dreamt that TV advertising could enter their mix. Awesome. Truly awesome.

I'm off to film Cheryl Cole, posing in a bikini so I can just superimpose a Fidgetstick/ logo onto her butt cheeks later...