So I have recently been introduced to Its a fantastic A/B testing site that is super simple to use. 

Optimizely makes website optimization software for companies. The Optimizely platform technology provides businesses the ability to conduct A/B testing, Multipage, and Multivariate testing allowing them to make better data-driven decisions.



It's very simple, you take your web page URL and input it into the box. Optimizely will pull through all your information from your website and bring it into a window where you can then add, edit, and change HTML, CSS and inject javascript. 


Its a very intuitive tool to use to create variations of experiments to try on your web page to try and increase various things such as clicks and sign ups etc. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 14.25.02.png

Once the page loads up, you get the options for changing, editing and adding HTML to the page so you can create variations of experiments to test out on the website. Once submitted you can then track how both compare to one another. 


As you can see from the image it is very simple to add HTML to the site where you can style new elements via CSS, in this case in our Header where I've just added a new <h2> element. The Options are endless to what you can do with Optimizely, you can create any amount on variations of your webpage to submit. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 15.03.25.png

I look forward getting to grips with Optimizely properly in the near future for various projects, as it's a very simple tool to use which could make the difference of new users signing up to our site or more people clicking links.

@steve: Tools like this are very powerful, when used correctly. Firstly, for most companies, the job of split testing design treatments, styles, messages and communication should not have to go into the development team to implement, where possible - marketeers, product owners, whoever it is responsible for optimising the site against the companies key metrics should not have a technical constraint to be able to make this part of their every day job.

The second thing is to remember, that split testing and optimising sites is just one aspect of the funnel. You need traffic first, so address this with your SEO strategy, social media, PR and other forms of organic traffic sourcing. If you’ve got even a small amount of budget, then Facebook or Google Ads targeting your market segment would be a good way to ensure your AB tests have a predictable sample set of fresh eyes to properly extract insights from your experiments.