I'm exploring a new project with my best friend, Liam. We grew up together at school getting into all sorts of mischief. We were the kids at school that started to get "bum fluff" on our faces before everyone else, I like to think of it as the beginning of an epic manly beard!

Now our beards are thicker, fuller, and more ginger than ever. 

Men face more pressure than ever to look good. Exclusive grooming salons are answering their call by offering spa treatments that are redefining what it is to be male.

Masculinity is changing – facials and manicures are becoming part of the modern man’s regime. Spas are offering treatment menus specially designed for men striving to meet expectations to be well groomed. It’s now the age of the “übersexual”.

“It’s not metrosexual and it’s not macho. Übersexual is a man making the most of himself in all aspects,” says Deborah Gayle, managing director of men’s salon The Refinery in London’s Mayfair. “Metrosexual vs. macho has gone out the window. What men do and what they stand for has changed massively.”

The rise in male grooming services is simply meeting the demand. A 2013 report by marketing firm JWT found that 76% of British and American men think they face more pressure than ever to keep up appearances. And 32% of those aged between 18 and 34 thought it was acceptable to get facials.

Wherever you look these days men are embracing the bristles, short and neat (David Beckham, George Clooney, Tom Ford) to wild and free (Devandra Banhart, Seasick Steve) to everything in-between.

You only have to take a quick look at the world of men’s fashion to see how many beards are quite literally cropping up. Vivienne Westwood’s beau Andreas Kronthaler appears wild-eyed and resplendent with a mass of fuzz around his chops in her latest ad. Paul Smith A/W collection had bearded gents sauntering down the runway. GQ Style appear to have gone beard crazy with tips and treatments for all your beard needs. Up-and-coming young design duo Agi & Sam used man of the moment Miles Better (yes, really) to show off their latest wears.

So however you want to wear it, be it big and bold or office smart, remember, just like the hair on top of one’s head, the beard it needs a little bit of tender loving care – a good shampoo and conditioner treatment every now and again will do the trick.

The beard has arrived and it’s here to stay. Plus, Christmas is coming.

So Beard products have been flying hot of the press for a year or os now, Moustache wax, moustache combs, beard conditioners and balms, men treating their beards to keep them looking and feeling soft and tidy is high up on the grooming list. 

With all this taken into account, and both myself and Liam supporting fine beards, we have decided to embark on the journey of creating our own Beard Oil. 

Beard oil is used to maintain a healthy beard, its designed to keep the beard and skin underneath healthy, shiney, soft, fix hairs, and generally help maintain your work of art. 

There are numerous beard oils out their on the market but all seem to be from the states, I have found maybe 5 products in the UK that offer natural hand made beard oils of a good value. 

The idea of our product is to create a Bespoke beard oil that will suit all men and all beard types using only natural oils to create the final products. Exstensive research has been put into looking at competitors products and seeing which ingredients they use, and there seems to be a trend of ingredients which are used for various beard oils. 

Our aim is to create up to 5 different beard oils that will be suitable for various beard types, We have taken inspiration from both me and Liam were born and have grown up. Dorset! Dorset is an incredible place to live, it is full of heritage and history and offers so much potential for creating a fantastic brand and company. 

We have taken careful thought into what areas of Dorset we could use as it is full of outstanding natural beauty, and a heritage coastline to base our products around keeping the heritage throughout and history throughout, with this we have decided to create:

 The Captain -


Based around Poole harbour and being famous for its highly busy port  ships from far and wide coming to Poole harbour for trade overseas, it was only right to create a "fresh" scent that is inspired from the open seas and the wild oceans, as all captains had fine cut beards. (note: this the label will be changed to the Captain and not the sailor)

The Pirate -

ARHHHH, Harry Paye (died 1419), was a privateer and smuggler from Poole, Dorset in the late 14th and early 15th century, who became a commander in the Cinque fleet.  Paye led naval raids along the coast of France and Spain from Normandy through to the Bay of Biscay and Cape Finisterre.

In 1405, a combined fleet of French and Spanish ships attacked Paye's native town of Poole in retaliation for Paye's raids. During an expedition in 1406, he captured 120 French prizes off the coast of Brittany laden with iron, salt and oil. So it was only right to create an oil dedicated our most famous pirate. 

 Lumberjack - 

The New Forest is an area of southern England which includes one of the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forest in the heavily populated south east of England. It is famous for its Japanese Cedar, English Oak, Fern, Ash and Beech, so it was only fair to create a true british Lumberjack scented oil with essences of some of the trees that lie within this area of out standing natural beauty. This will allow your inner man and lumberjack to come out feeling the scent of the woodland. 

The Medieval - 

Our coastline and harbour was protected by Corfe Castle and was built back in the 11th century by William the Conqueror, and this man sported a fantastic beard. So it wa sonly right to base a beard oil around the legendary Corfe Castle. Located in between Corfe and Swanage it was built in a valley to protect the towns and coatline. It is a world known heritage site that would create a fantastic oil. 

The Gent- 

This oil will be our base oil, Directly aimed at the gentleman that strolled the streets of Poole and other local towns. This oil will be out cheapest as it will only have our basic oil ingredients mixed together, Almond oil, Jojoba oil, and Vitamin E. 

We will need to research into cost of Oils from Wholesale, Bottles, and labels. We will use a simple Ecommerce website, and use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote and market our product. We also have spoken to local business's where we will test the product including tattoo parlours, Bars, and a couple of local barbers who have agreed to test the oil for us. 

For me, it's all about pushing the marketing and creating a strong brand that offers something different to the other few beard oil companies out there. From the type of bottle we choose to the font of the writing will play a huge part in creating a succesfull small business. 

We hope to have to all the designs done for the bottle labels by the end of the month, And to then start buying the oil ingredients and start testing mixing varients of ingredients. 

Please keep an eye out for updates.