A key part of my structured training, has been to learn the fundamentals of web design - encompassing HTML & CSS.  And to learn this, I've been using Treehouse.

Treehouse, a leading online education provider,  seeks to help prospective coders become great coders by providing a rich library of over 600+ videos organised into specific learning tracks, along with interactive quizzes and code challenges. Treehouse provides deep and high quality training in HTML, CSS, Javascript, User Experience, as well as Back-End development in Ruby, PHP, iPhone and Android applications.

I have found it a truly enjoyable experience learning on Treehouse; its simple, effective, and offers so much for the learner to get to grips with. 

Along the journey you get to create projects that help you to understand the process. The first thing I created was a single page website for a bakery company called "Smells like Bakin". It took you through all the coding and then they give you a quiz at the end of each little section to make sure you understand what they've been teaching. Then, after that, there's a code challenge where they ask you to code yourself what they have taught you, via the online code editor, to start creating your web page. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 13.12.51.png

So this was the first project I built through Treehouse, which covered all the basics in HTML and CSS. 

The next stage works on other basics including tables, charts, links, text, lists, objects and forms, again at the end of each of these you have to take a quiz and a code quiz to show you have grasped the fundamentals, I find it really easy to learn from this and has helped a lot in giving me some foundational knowledge of how websites are made and the challenges we face when designing and building for the web. 

The next module will be learning more advanced HTML and CSS that I will be able to add to the Project to make the website more dynamic and engaging.