Another hook up goes unmissed, This time from Socco. 

They make the grooviest socks in the USA. For good times, Bringing back that look, upgrading to comfy.

Socco is here to share the love of adventure, discovery, and living life to its fullest. They've created products that reflect the vibrant, groovy, free-wheeling Southern California lifestyle.  Socco was founded with the mission to create fun, stylish and affordable products that can be worn everyday. Yes, they are bringing back the look and upgrading to comfy with their Socks.

I was lucky enough to get a sweet hook up from the guys, and receive 3 pairs off almighty comfy socks, which I am dying to get on and start skating harder then ever this year. 

They truly reflect the design and style of those back in the late 60's and 70's which is becoming ever so popular again with skate culture being big around the towns and cities of both the states and the UK. 

I would honestly go check them out on Facebook at:

Treat your feet to some very comfy, yet classical socks. Because your feet deserve the best. 


So these are the three pairs I received from the guys at Socco and Im thrilled with them. Looking forward to some warmer weather now to which I can get the shorts back out and start skating again. These are long socks, I'm 6.2 and they come high up my legs, to just below my knee which is perfect. There are other colours available aswell including some for the girls. You need to check them out.