Nutrition and the broader health tech industry is HOT right now. 

MyFitnessPal raised £18m in VC money from Accel and others
Fitbit Raises $43 Million From Qualcomm Ventures, SAP Ventures, And SoftBank Capital
Jawbone Acquires BodyMedia For Over $100 Million To Give It An Edge In Wearable Health Tracking

And that is just great. Because you may recall, that I have a bit of an interest in this area. From my tinkering and slight addiction to my Nike Fuel band, tracking my activity on a daily basis and monitoring against my goals - to the extent that I built my own little Fuel Band dashboard which you can see here.

But really, my interest in the space goes much further. You may recall this post, from back in March, where we took the Nutribu API and our nifty little iOS app Feedo to the Launch Festival in San Francisco. 

Since March, the team have been hard at work figuring out how best to go to market. We've been around the garden, in the pond, over the fence, back into the house and back to the garden again. We've talked about, mocked up, spec'd out and subsequently parked a number of different applications.

We've talked enterprise apps. 

We've talked API-only models.

We've talked consumer apps. 

We've talked products for SME's.

But, through this process one thing has really proven out. A lean approach to product development, a constant and relentless testing of hypotheses, fast decisions and challenging of specification to achieve the MVP (minimum viable product). 

Our founder and CEO Sergio Mottola has really grown in his role as an entrepreneur, particularly within the technology / software domain. His relentless pursuit of an ideal, a proposition to the marketplace to simplify and socialise nutrition to the extent that normal people understand it, to the extent that they actually talk about it openly and even compete to be "better" in the context of what they eat. 

And that's a very key point, which took me a little while to understand. The key is not to be better at eating more or less. It's not about eating less calories or any other single measure or macro-nutrient. 

It's about 1) understanding your personal nutritional requirements and 2) about being the best at eating the most balanced diet you can according to those needs. 

You see, the Guideline Daily Amounts that you see all over products are frankly nonsense. They're based on a standard profile of person who is not you. This is drummed home to me, when you look at a box of cereal, which is what my little boy of 2 eats, and the GDA's are based on a 35 year old! 

So, we resolved to build an application that would help people to understand their personal nutritional needs and easily, quickly track their consumption and performance over time with simple, clear measurements.  

Testing the Nutribu app sharing via Instagram

Testing the Nutribu app sharing via Instagram

These measurements become objects of conversation and interest among peers, as we compete to build the most nutritionally balanced versions of our dishes and over the course of a day, week, month, year or lifetime, be more balanced and conscious of what we're eating. They are visual, social and engaging - not overly complex, scientific or boring as we see right now. 

So, as we prepare to launch the Nutribu app in the next couple of months, it's clear that we're in the right space, that interest is high, capital is available and at the end of the day, when we ask ourselves "should this exist in the world and does it make a positive difference" we can confidently answer "yes". And that's a pretty damn good place to be.