Because you hate your voice so much, there may be no alternative!

Look, I don't really dislike my voice that much, more objectively, as an amateur, it's more the realisation that I could benefit from some guidance. It just doesn't feel right at this point in time and it's causing me a bit of a mental hurdle from continuing this process. If I'm not confident in the script and less confident in the voiceover, how can I possibly commit to the illustration and animation, which should take the bulk of the time?

So, I came across (thanks to Miguel @ Grumo Media - cheers dude!) - a marketplace for VoiceOver talent. Homepage Homepage

This service is actually very impressive, as it turns out. I think that in some ways, the fact that I'd taken the time to take the process seriously and create a documented project brief (more on that in an upcoming post), I created a free account and posted my requirements on

You can apply all sorts of relevancy filters to your project, such as language and regional variations, styles, like conversational, humourous, friendly (I'm intrigued to know what dark and menacing would sound like) and some other parameters, including budget.

My script is around 1 minute long, and I entered a budget range of $100 - $250, suggested that based on my parameters, I should expect 93 responses. Cool.

Every new project is vetted by and this I think is important in determining what happens next. By ensuring, on behalf of the VO talent, that projects are genuine and reputable, the VO talent is more inclined to actually invest in their response - and this is what really impressed me.

Within 1 hour of the project being approved, I had 20 responses. Within a few hours I had 40 responses.

So, with reference to a couple of paragraphs ago, the investment the respondents make is massively important - the personal message and the REAL recording of YOUR SCRIPT, which you can listen to via the audio player. Some record a small portion, some record the whole thing. To hear your script interpreted and produced in this way is really great and a lot of fun to go through listening to them all.

Some just upload their demo reel, and I have to admit, I just skipped those. The many that had  gone the extra mile had set the bar high, and those who didn't take the time to record at least a bit of the script failed to make the first cut, regardless of their voice. responses list responses list

The bids submitted ranged from $100 up to $350. The responses, even though I selected a non-gender specific bias in the filters, were 99% male. The one female, was really good and also the most expensive, so I'm seeing a correlation here - are there many female VO's out there? if so, maybe there's an opportunity for you....

So, I encourage you to check out, gets my recommendation.