It's an oldie, but it's a goodie! I can't believe it's over 3 years old now...

This is easily one of the most informative, most helpful, most entertaining insights into planning and building your startup from scratch.

A video presentation by Aaron Patzer, founder of who built and sold his company to Intuit for $170m in just a few years.

He talks openly and candidly about the various stages of your business, what your headcount should be (and the mix of roles), what your business goals should be, what your costs should be, how much runway you should have, when you should be looking to raise the next round of finance, what your models should look like.

Aaron presents in a light hearted, honest and genuine way which is clear that as a nerd turned super confident CEO, there is a by product of success that is arguably more powerful than the economic rewards (which maybe great). That as CEO's we develop as individuals to people who are respected and that we can respect ourselves.

Watch the video. Bookmark it. Watch it again. Come back to it later as well.