So getting ready for day 2 of the launch conference and freezing my arse off as our power sockets blew out last night and we couldn't find the trip switch anywhere. Thanks to casa buena rentals for not answering your phones!

Anyway, apartment issues aside, having an amazing time - from the lengthy 11.5 HR flight, messing around at SFO for a couple hours and the hire car companies trying to rip us off (all sounds negative but believe it or not, its all part of the rich tapestry that is life). The view over the bay area, with the golden gate bridge standing proud and iconic as we came into land in the clear blue skies was enough to get the excitement flowing.

Tuesday was one long day - I was awake (the last couple of hours are questionable however) for around 26 hrs. After a brief visit to the Mission District, we got to our apartment. And then quickly hit the food trail. A nice 2 mile walk up and down San Francisco's hilly roads to find the Burmese Superstar restaurant that we had been recommended by no less than 4 friends. It didn't disappoint, the flavours we're rich and varied and just what we needed at that point. Along with a pitcher of beer with Ginger and lemon, the house speciality.

After a brief visit into downtown, it was clear that it was not going to be a big night. By 9pm, I was in bed. By 11.30 pm I was awake thinking id had at least a full nights sleep. A broken nights sleep and arose around 4.30am. What better than to don the sneaks (I'm a yank) and go for a fresh morning run the the golden gate park. Taking in the science museum, botanical gardens, the myriad of public tennis courts, baseball ground and dodging the other like minded runners.

We headed into the Design District to grab some breakfast at Sally's Diner, a stereotypical quasi Mexican place with a very chatty with a very chatty waitress. Within a few minutes of being there, I knew that her ex boyfriend was called Nic, and her new boyfriend is called Steve. Random. But boy, do they make some fine Denver omelettes.

Up next is the launch conference day one, and I'll push that out in the next post. Ciao.