Yesterday I decided that I wanted to buy an ipad (as you may have gathered by now). So, before heading out to purchase one, I realised that I wasn't entirely sure which retailers outside of the official Apple store, actually stocked the ipad. Not wanting a wasted journey, the first thing I did - as we all do, was Google "buy ipad bournemouth". First page - all that turned up were articles about ipad applications, in particular from some digital agencies in Bournemouth (I'll come back to them, because they look like a funky agency) who created a nice looking eye test app. I never look past the first page (don't know why, maybe just impatient), so I decided to phone the Store number on the Apple website, hoping to get a quick answer from a qualified person. After waiting 12 minutes to get through, I was put through to a customer services person who, if wasn't actually in India, definitely sounded like she was from India. Straight off the bat, she was hard to understand. I am glad I wasn't trying to buy something there and then. I asked a simple question - can I buy the ipad from any other store apart from the Apple store (the nearest of which is over 1 hour away). "Don't know". Where is my nearest store I can buy an ipad from? "Don't know". Four or five attempts later at restructuring, rephrasing, re-emphasising I was getting extraordinarily frustrated. She was still talking nonsense nothing to do with the question I was asking. I seem to remember hanging up whilst I could hear her chattering through the receiver. I'm sure you would expect someone on the end of the most visible number on the Apple website to be able to advise where you can buy their products from, wouldn't you?