Credit to Slate V and Frank Kern for bringing this to my attention. I duly forwarded to my friends in the City's largest full service agencies. I can only imagine how this'll go down in the "Wastage" departments of Broadcast Media advertising and I can hear the cogs whirring already of the digital minds and how they're going to be breaking the news in company cafe.... To be a fly on the wall.

So, all you have to do is create an ad? Yeah - I think so. Obviously Google control ad quality through their guidelines and approval processes but you'd expect that right? It's amazing to think anyone can access anything on the web, but put it on a bigger box in your living room and suddenly everyone's a critic!

I think that with a bit of figuring out, this could be a major coup for smaller and newer companies, with an edgy story to tell, who otherwise wouldn't have dreamt that TV advertising could enter their mix. Awesome. Truly awesome.

I'm off to film Cheryl Cole, posing in a bikini so I can just superimpose a Fidgetstick/ logo onto her butt cheeks later...