If you're anything like me, you've got no attention span and even less free time, so sitting down to write a lengthy, wordy essay style blog is often the last thing you'll want to face. Of course, content is absolutely the king. It cannot be denied. The search engines lust for it, your readers are hungry for it, you know it's your job as a blogger to provide it.

So how can you "short-circuit" the whole thing? and does it work? Well, yes - it can and does.

That is, posting multimedia content embeds that you can easily source through Youtube, Vimeo or most video hosting sites. You consume, find something that you feel is compelling, relevant and of significant value to your target audience. You pass it on and even better, give your opinion, comment or narrative on the content.

You are fulfilling some of the cardinal rules of successful social media participation - sharing other people's content (not just promoting your own), and providing an expert or informed opinion on content and issues that resonates with people.

And guess what? The search engines love it! Sometimes they even think more of it than posting "standard" content.

I already mentioned one way, Youtube, to find such multimedia content. Other resources include Flickr, for still photographs, or niche specific sites, such as Fidgetstick/, Mpora.TV, Freecaster.TV and Extreme.com that have loads of action, adventure and extreme sports media to share.

To really get the search engine juices flowing, make sure your comments and narrative include keywords relating to the post subject and relevant to your audience and their search terms.

If you really want to establish maximum momentum with minimum effort, you can pull together 6 or 7 posts and use your blogs publishing mechanism to pre-schedule your posts every day. It may take 1 hour to get a weeks worth of posts researched, built and ready to roll.

How about that?

So a summary from the insightful blog post of the same subject by Michelle MacPhearson, you can increase your traffic rankings by;

  1. Writing & publishing new, quality content on your site more often
  2. Publishing multimedia content to your blog more often

So, what are you waiting for?