Firstly, I want to give a massive "biggup" stateside to fellow blogger, Jason Peck. I've followed Jason's blog for a while now and in terms of social media insight related to sports he's a must follow. Check out his feed "Take a Peck"

A few of his blog posts and countless others now have listed in their 10's, 25's, 50's and even 300's social networking sites and specifically those related to sports. You can see Jason's 25+ and 50 lists.

I'm gonna concentrate on a measly 5 sites that I think you should know about and consider going through the torment of putting in username, password etc. etc. again!

So here they are;

1. GrindTV
GrindTV are one of the big boys, with some major weight behind them in the shape of Yahoo!. An edgy, urban feel to the styling, they have quite a youth orientated skatey following. Some pretty cool features are used within the site, in particular, we like the athlete biog pages and the ability to follow them. Nice to feel like Shaun White is your mate and the Holly Beck videos are a thing of beauty!

2. Moredirt
Moredirt is a nice mountainbike rider community, largely UK focussed. They've grown steadily over the last 2 years and have a really slick design and interface. The forum is full of good banter and their trail directory is cool, where you can select your local trails for your profile.

3. Mpora.TV
Part of Factory Media, Mpora.TV is the place to go for Action and Extreme sports videos. With 50,000+ members and all the clout of their massive paper magazines, they are a force to be reckoned with. You have to put up with a bit of advertising on each video, but the quality os good and you can share their content around the web which is great when you find a gem of a film you just cant keep to yourself.

4. Shred Union
Shred Union is a funky stateside community of snowboarders. The site has some neat features, such as its snow days log where you diarise any trips you make in search of fluffy white powder. The site creators are really down to earth guys, I've come to know them and they're really open to new ideas and opportunities to grow and improve the site. This is a big recommend, particulalry as these die harders built this site from scratch and as such, it's got a real sense of individuality and character. I wrote another review on this site too, check it out.

5. MySportProfiler
MySportProfiler is pretty new, I was introduced to it at the Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen by a freelance designer for Nike. And it's pretty impressive. Think LinkedIn meets Sports Recruitment International and voila. It's oriented towards people who work in the sports industry and profiles are geared towards industry networking and career searching. It's styling is very 2.0 and already has some pretty prominent players and some of the really big boys on board and I'm tipping to be pretty big. It's got quite a European flavour to it, with a big following in France and Italy, but I think will do well in the UK too.

So there they are, worth a few minutes of your time to have a look and decide if the sites angle or niche is the right fit for you.

You can find links to all of these in the links section on Fidgetstick/ too.