Fidgetstick 1.0 was launched very softly in January 2009. We created the site at a time when the three of us who were working together on Fidgetstick/ were also working hard through tough economic times, to maintain our busy day jobs as well. This constraint effected many decisions that we made at the time, and these decisions are the same that everyone who is just starting out with a new technology venture will have to make. 

  • How will your team be structured? 
  • What technology will you use? 
  • How will you make the best use of your time? 
  • Where will you get your moolah and how much do you need?

So, our launch product was in effect, a summary of all our decisions, based on our constraints at that time. This was often a compromise against the bigger picture, the vision that I had for this new community. In the next few video blogs, I'm going to talk about some of these subjects. I'm going to tell you what my thought process was, what decisions we made and what we learned from them. What our challenges have been and what they are likely to be in the future. Hopefully, you'll relate to some of these and perhaps can also apply some of our learnings to your next venture. Perhaps you'll also be encouraged to connect with me and check out our community as we grow through 2010.

Video Blog 1 - Team Structure Intro