It is quite clear that, since the dawn of time, businesses have had the luxury of not having the "burden" of a reciprocal relationship with their customers. We have seen, time and time again, how companies tell you what to buy and how to act. And we got sick of it. All hail the social reaction ans let's get ready for a revolution still to come.

You will not be able to consider investing your marketing budget in advertising, if it is not community spirited and socially acceptable. If it doesn't get blocked, it will get rejected and ultimately it will be pointless. Your communication with customers will be reciprocal, to the extent that they will even create your advertisements for you.

In a Digg style way, no adverts will be seen that don't achieve at least a minimum acceptance level, governed by the communities rating of those ads. Those that show the best ROI, will be the content led creation of adverts which have evolved in real time, through such technology as the Google Wave, resulting in a meshing of ideas from a community that contribute and take purchasing actions simultaneously.

This means that certain ads will live on, in the medium of collaborative conversation and in effect, a story; and others will die before they've even begun as the communication is not reciprocated by the community and therefore does not achieve even the basic level criteria of acceptance. But that's cool. Don't waste your time on it. Refine your subject matter and move on to the next conversation.

The thing business will have to first grasp (as believe it or not, they still don't) is that the old way just don't cut it no more. The second thing is how to leverage the fact that they've now realised (and perhaps others haven't) and therefore have a competitive advantage, an edge. By discovering the most effective ways to communicate everyday, relentlessly and consistently with their customers and their competitions customers, whilst they're still trying to think up the next story to tell their declining market.

Businesses will have to make the resources available to fulfill the demand of their customers and feed their hunger for more valuable interaction, and those that are prepared to try (yes, and to fail) but to adapt and try again will be the champions. We all love a winner, and we all love an underdog - and for once, it's a level playing field. Damn, that's exciting as we get ready for quality, service and product excellence to shine brightest and more luminescent than we've ever experienced before.