“Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal.” — Cornelius Fitchner

Project Management is all about structured, well-managed execution of the idea. It's turning the intangible into something  real - plans, milestones, tasks, results, validated learning and evolution.

My project management philosophy is based on the principles of Lean Startup, encompassing Agile, Scrum, Just-In-Time. These are all processes designed to enable flexibility, efficiency, risk management, innovation and sound economics.

No two projects are the same, but the underlying principles which govern how your project is run are grounded in the fundamentals of these processes and ways of thinking.

I have experience in successfully managing complex, globally distributed project teams and small, cost effective and simply structured teams alike.


To ensure that projects are managed effectively, our toolkit is all important. We experiment and constantly challenge our tools and processes to improve communication, efficiency and transparency, but here's our current collection of preferred tools.

Braindu - the glue that binds everything together.

Trello - Linear, scrum-board-like task management system.

Beanstalk - Robust and SVN & GIT Repository

Smartsheet - GANTT charts & Project Planning

Odesk - Supply side, the ability to scale and manage teams effectively

Dropbox - Social, cloud-based file storage

Google Docs - Collaborative Spreadsheets, Documents, Forms and Decks

Prezi - Interactive, Collaborative Presentations

Hootsuite - Social Media Dashboard

Wunderlist - Simple Task Management

Moneybird - Simple Cloud Accounting Software

We have two models for Project Management, dependant on the resources required. 

1. Day Rate - Dependant on your specific resource requirements, complexity, specialisms, processes etc. I offer a negotiable day rate. Give me a shout to discuss what you need to make your project happen.

2. Turnkey service - If you also use our development resources, we offer an inclusive base-level project management service within our developer fees. Inquire to find out more about how this works.