Foodsecret - Good Food, Good For You

This was one great project. 

Stage 1a, we built this custom ePOS system to work via touchscreens throughout the in-store environment. Features of the system include:

  • Swipe card authentication system for staff
  • Touch optimised interface
  • Easy to navigate menu categorisation and product nutritional information display
  • Tailor Made area where customers can build their own products and see nutritional information calculation in real-time
  • Custom nutritional rating algorithm
  • Customer loyalty card system
  • Discounts and Offers options
  • Custom tax calculation system
  • Payment gateway integration with YesPay
  • Dynamically generated receipt and Tailor Made product labels, sent to installed label printing hardware.


  • The system was built in PHP, with a mySQL database using the Codeigniter MVC framework.
  • Front end is HTML5, CSS3 and javascript, including Jquery library.
  • The application is served via modern web browsers (optimised for Chrome and Firefox)
  • We built a Flex and Adobe Air bridging application for the web app to communicate with the Chip and Pin hardware device run by desktop installed software.

Stage 1b, we built a custom administration area for the management of all aspects of the system, features include:

  • User management
  • Detailed management of raw ingredients, compound or batch recipes with nutritional information.
  • Management of menu categories and menu items
  • Management of Tailor Made menu items
  • Batch food label processing
  • Administration of Promotions
  • Administration of Loyalty Offers
  • Administration of Payment Methods
  • Administration of Delivery Methods 
  • Administration of Transaction Statuses
  • Various Error checking scripts
  • Sales, Transactions and Staff Performance reporting
  • Productivity and Wastage calculation reporting tools
  • Integration with Food and Beverage Manager software for inventory reporting

Stage 2, we built an integrated web based consumer e-store, for home and office ordering for collection or delivery.

  • Web based online ordering system
  • Store delivery algorithm based on proximity and work capacity
  • Integrated with till system and kitchen workflow, with notifications and reports
  • Algorithm based production scheduling