Rudi went into playgroup yesterday for an acclimatisation session with his new class, since he's graduating up from ladybirds to bumblebees. Along with the graduation, we received his first school report - I didn't realise quite how closely they scrutinize every aspect of development and every little sign means something in relation to signs of the little one's early progression. I thought it was just innocent playtime!

But every dad want's to hear these words on your sons school report. And I quote:

"Rudi has started building relationships with other children. Expressing in a kiss."

But even more proud;

"Rudi is confident on his feet and has a great throw and a long kick. He loves outdoor space and exploring."

"...will be sure to show off his football skills and ability to kick and throw balls. He has a great shot."

OK, mr Ferguson, I'll do you a deal, οΏ½60k a week and you can sign him up now... get in early and beat the competition...