It was 5 years ago today that my dad passed away after 6 months of bravely battling a highly advanced and aggressive cancer.

When I stop to reflect as I often do, particularly when times are tough and perhaps seemingly not going my way, I remember that he was a brave man.

When confronting issues during his life, he made the wrong decisions in dealing with them and instead, chose to hide and run away. But when faced with biggest challenge any of us will ever face, I can be proud of his attitude and commitment to the good fight.

I'm sad that I really struggle to remember specific things, like what he sounded like. It's getting kind of vague and intertwined with the Dad I don't really want to remember, the one who featured prominently and disruptively for a number of years in my early 20s.

I believe many happy memories reside on miniDV tapes in my cupboard, and I need to get them digitised and mixed into a format that is more conducive and self serving - to preserve the essence of the memory I care to hold onto.

And so, with a refreshed perspective, I return to trying to make the significant difference on the world that I aspire to, through business, creativity, passion, innovation, technology and graft.

Thanks Dad for giving me the presence of mind to reflect, adjust and persevere in the right way - something I know you struggled with your whole life. That is your legacy. RIP