Happy new year everyone. 2010 was a pretty interesting year for me, both personally and professionally, and 2011 is going to have to go some to top it. But, I have a enemy suspicion that it just might.

There's going to be so much going on with the business side of things, and what with dobby being on the way, it's going to be really exciting.

So this year, I'm really keen that my fitness doesn't suffer. So resolution number 1 is to get and stay fit. I've got a couple of things in the diary to keep me motivated as well, something I really need it would seem. First up is the Coastal trail series half marathon in February, a tough slog on steep terrain, but the spectacular views across the south Devon Coastal path is well worth the effort.

However, that's merely a pre cursor to getting out on the bike in preparation for June's Project 30 expedition. This will see 7 eager but immensely naive 30 year olds taking on the route from Cherbourg, France to Bilbao, Spain - a route of around 600 miles, in one week.

Resolution number 2 is a little more tenuous in it's likelihood of actually happening. I've wanted to learn the guitar for years, ever since having a couple of lessons as an 8 year old and not really getting it,and therefore giving up. It's ground away at me ever since, and my intention is to make 2011 the year where that particular wrong is righted.

I started resolution number 1 off with a 10 run this afternoon, which felt much farther than I remember it, hurt a lot more and took much longer than I hoped. But, it's a start. Oh and I read and about.com article for beginner guitar players, so I'm ahead of the game.