It's been a tough couple of days for two main reasons. Number 1 reason was that yesterday (25th August) represented the 3 year anniversary of when my Dad passed away. Doesn't time fly when you've got your head stuck up your own arse, huh? Still I do hope that the level of passion and perseverence I am giving to realising my dream of being a successful entrepreneur would make him proud. 2nd is Maisy. Easily the MOST EXPENSIVE dog ever invented. A few weeks back the spinal injury that has repeatedly plagued her over the past 2 or 3 years came back and with inglorious aplomb. Maisy has lost the use of her back legs again and this time, I'm not so sure it's coming back. This has inevitably made life much harder - having to carry her out into the garden for a wee or carrying upstairs to bed. Inevitably, we don't always get the timing right and accidents happen. We've gone through more kitchen towel and disinfectant anti-bacterial spray than you can wag a tail at. Add to the mix, a couple of weeks ago, Maisy had a weird occurrence of bleeding from deep in the mouth. We took her in to see the vets out of hours and she ended up staying in and having some stitches put in to help seal up what was described as 2 puncture wounds in the gum. Strange. Well last night I was upstairs doing some chores before Mrs S got home and I saw Maisy at the bottom of the stairs. That's out of character, since it takes a huge amount of effort to get there from the kitchen using only her front legs and pulling herself along. She is often a great communicator and knows when something is up, so I went down to see her. There were drops of blood all over the tiled floor. I checked her arm and more blood where she had been licking. It was her mouth again. So, I'm off to the vets AGAIN in 10 minutes to hopefully get this resolved. It's driving me crazy and breaking my heart to see her in such a predicament. She doesn't appear to be in pain, otherwise it would be a very different outcome, but I can't help feel that as this goes on it's just not fair on her, on the boys and on us. Don't know what to do.