I've been busy sorting out how and where I spend my time blogging about the things I enjoy and am passionate about. I figured that the R3trosteve blog - my personal dumping ground and place where I had been kind of publishing everything apart from updates on my activities and sports (which I publish on Fidgetstick) - was not really suitable if I wanted the content to actually be seen.

You see, because of the diversity of subject, the content is not focussed on a specific area of interest and ended up a bit of a mish mash. As a result, my keyword optimization and targeting was all to cock and hence, didn't really get much in the way of organic traffic.

So I decided that, alongside my new DoubleDigg venture, I would also restructure the way I generate and publish content and updates about the things I'm involved in.

R3trosteve Blog - this will still be the home of my personal blog and will be more oriented to my personal life, bits and bobs that I do that don't fall into any significant bracket or topic. It will also act an aggregator of all the stuff I create on my other blogs, but without any serious push to get people to read it there - it's more about having everything under one roof for easy access. This will be everything that I do in one site.

Fidgetstick Blog - My adventure log on Fidgetstick will contain all my updates about the activities and adventures that I take part in and try to accomplish. This is a community full of adventurous people, so I want my tales of adventure to be seen there. It's relevant, it's targeted and it's great for the community. There's also 10,000 people across the community social pages waiting to see my updates.

DoubleDigg Blog - This is my new blog which will contain updates about the projects I am working on through the DoubleDigg service, outsourcing advice, new technologies, tools, tutorials and interesting digital stuff. This will be my "business" blog, where I will talk openly about my business activities and perhaps that will help you in your endeavours.

So, that's it - I've now got to get on and write some stuff. Toodle Pip!