Wow. It's a wonder these guys can get any work done. Well, when I say work, it becomes all to clear what work means when you watch the G2 guys comical video titled "hard day at the office" (scroll down to the bottom of the page aswell to see the video). Fitting in a spot of kayaking instruction, white water rafting, ski touring or canyoning must be difficult, when you take one look at their company website.

Like little ducks all in a row, are the icon links through to their Flickr, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Trip Advisor, their blog and I know they also have a Fidgetstick/ profile page as well. Geez, I'm beat just typing those out, let alone keeping them upto date with compelling and relevant content. So do they?

Well, let's find out. But just before we do, another thing to mention is that these guys seem to appreciate the importance of a good web presence in the first place. Their site is well designed and totally makes use of many of the latest web 2.0 features that many more still refuse to acknowledge or choose to ignore. Straight away, without any additional work, they have a site that is nice to use.

Whilst the About us section indicates that the activity instructors at G2 are extremely experienced - over 15 years, the site seems to be fairly new. When doing a link:search on google, as well as quite a few keyword searches that I thought should be relevant to them, the site didn't quite perform as expected. One of the areas I would suggest concentrating on, is their external link building (this'll help a tiny bit) and SEO. I know that most activity centres rely heavily on word of mouth and referrals for new business and repeat business from existing customers, but the importance of SEO in an ever more competitive industry should not be underestimated.

It maybe that SEO and link building is just not as damn interesting as social media activity, at the moment any way. And so we begin to delve a little further into G2's social network. Straight away, you can see that photographic and video media plays a big role in content generation, and allows them to cross channels quite easily using the same media asset base. As I talked about in an earlier case study, this requires careful balancing and ensuring that the content is targeted and relevant to the types of users you may find on these different platform.

I love to see people who are fortunate enough to work in a job they love (in a job I'd love!) and share their experiences with others - especially those who dream of jacking in their 9-5 and getting outdoors. There's so much to do and see and so many adventures to have that means finding angles and topics to generate content from is endless. These guys recognise that and are not wasting the opportunity.

A quick glance at their social network pages and you can see exactly what it takes to get these things up and running. Flickr - some stunning adventure sports photos taken in the glorious scottish highlands (which happens to be one of my favourite places in the world, especially for canyoning!); youtube videos, many with over 1000 views; over 1000 Twitter followers; a struggling Facebook Fan page with 60 followers; a Digg page which is reminiscent of the Marie Celeste and some great reviews on TripAdvisor.

My advice; use Flickr for Photos, Youtube for Videos. Use Twitter like crazy to capture your thoughts. If your thoughts are interesting enough to warrant conversation, then Blog. Use this content to integrate into containers that support integration, such as Facebook (for mass market exposure) and (shameless plug) Fidgetstick/ (for targeted high conversion exposure). Let others Digg and Stumbleupon you. My two pence worth.

I would be interested to hook up with these guys and do a review of their activities for the Reviews section on Fidgetstick/, so if your up for it G2, drop me a note. If anyone else has been to G2, well, there's a million places you could tell us about it, but why not drop me a comment on my blog or against the G2 listing in the Fidgetstick/ Directory, let us know what you thought.

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