Just a quick post about a story I heard recently, that inspired me -

I wrote a post about a new film that was coming out,God Went Surfing With The Devil about a group of surfers in Isreal who defy the bombs, to live out their dreams and continue to surf in the face adversity and some horrific injuries.

Well, in a similarly inspiring but more impressive and mysterious way, I want to talk about some guys in Afghanistan, who, rumour has it, fled to the mountains in the north east of the country and with their snowboards and some basic weapons have secured a number of hits on the Taliban fighters in the area. Their story is becoming something of legend in the area and is causing an amount of buzz around the US military bases around Kabul and Jalalabad.

So, I'm looking for the details - who are these guys? Rumour has it they are brothers who stumbled on some wintersports equipment, hijacked from a container lorry headed for one of the former CIS states from China. They got into some sort of quarrel with local Taliban soldiers and fled.

I'm gonna dig around and try and find out more - let me know if you come across anything...