Now, I'm not one to be drawn on political debate, so I won't start now. I pretty much keep my political opinions to myself (mainly because those opinions are generally misinformed and largely irrelevant to must people). However, as many people would have found, last nights BBC Question Time was truly fascinating, for a few reasons.

1. I don't subscribe to the notion that Nick Griffin shouldn't have been permitted to be on the show. I agree it would have been censorship, which goes against our country's very solid approval of free speech. At the end of the day, it's a political show and like it or not, this far right (and even extremist) standpoint has been part of politics for lifetimes.

2. I also believe that in the end, the BNP's presence, and particularly that of Nick Griffins on the show actually demonstrated that the British public are not stupid. Everyone can see through the smoke and mirrors. When the arrogant, slimy man sits nodding at smiling at the member of the audience time and time again, clearly appalled by the party and the man's point of view, without logical or explanatory response, you get the measure of a man so totally out of his comfort zone. David Dimbleby had him sussed from the off.

Oh and Bonnie Greer was great, she gave it to Nick Griffin in a way that was both humorous, and in equal measure, succinctly damning. Nice.

It's been a while since I last watched question time (and about 4 years since I went to watch one live and asked the then Conservative Party leader in waiting some mumbled question about accountability) but I was massively impressed to see that they have a live Twitter feed from the show and how many times did they mention youtube? Social media is the winner here - Nick Griffin you cannot hide!

Anyway, enough from me, take a look for yourself and make your mind up...