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Coasteering with the Guys

Myself and Denzil Guy, I'm using the Aqua Pac 90 ltr Upano Duffel Bag. 

Making the long walk down to Dancing Ledge, Via the a bridal path and through a farm, you have to walk down an incredibly steep section of land which drops down towards the quarry. 

Getting kitted up on the lowest ledge, broke me into a sweat just doing this, could'nt wait to get in the water and cool off. 

Ben Schofield

Ben Schofield

Floating around at the bottom of a jump, this was a warm up jump from the ledge in front of me to help the guys understand the correct the jumping technique before throwing them off the larger jump. 

So, there's a jump, a really high jump... Here's me walking out, and walking around to head up to the high jump which shouldn't be done without absolute commitment and knowledge of the landing zone. 

So this is the jump, around 60 feet high, you have to jump out and over a ledge clearing a sunken rock that is under the surface of the water about the size of a car. This jump is only accessible when there is a spring high tide to give you that extra depth of water to jump into. 

From this height, you don't normally want to wear a BA as the force of the impact into the water can rip your BA off your body, which nearly happened on this occasion. 

As I hit the water, the force of water ripped my BA up and into my face, smashing me in the nose, My first thought was I had broken my nose but upon checking it, it was OK. 



Skydiving with The Red Devils at Netheravon, Wiltshire

Massive day today, as I let myself plummet towards the ground from over 13,000 feet in a 50 second freefall before deploying the chute and enjoying a stomach turning 5 minute canopy ride back to the landing zone. The drop zone was Netheravon in Wiltshire, run by the Parachute Regiments Red Devils Team, and it was easily one of the most inspiring, exciting and adrenalin fuelled things I have ever done. It was so surreal, from the exit of the plane, the spiralling freefall, the sting of the clouds on my face as they pass at 120mph, the jolt of the parachute being deployed or the twists and turns of the canopy aerobatics being displayed by my tandem instructor, Billy.

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. More amazing, the man who was celebrating his 92nd birthday, by jumping with his son, and having the permanent grin of a 17 year old who just popped his cherry.