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Coasteering with the Guys

Myself and Denzil Guy, I'm using the Aqua Pac 90 ltr Upano Duffel Bag. 

Making the long walk down to Dancing Ledge, Via the a bridal path and through a farm, you have to walk down an incredibly steep section of land which drops down towards the quarry. 

Getting kitted up on the lowest ledge, broke me into a sweat just doing this, could'nt wait to get in the water and cool off. 

Ben Schofield

Ben Schofield

Floating around at the bottom of a jump, this was a warm up jump from the ledge in front of me to help the guys understand the correct the jumping technique before throwing them off the larger jump. 

So, there's a jump, a really high jump... Here's me walking out, and walking around to head up to the high jump which shouldn't be done without absolute commitment and knowledge of the landing zone. 

So this is the jump, around 60 feet high, you have to jump out and over a ledge clearing a sunken rock that is under the surface of the water about the size of a car. This jump is only accessible when there is a spring high tide to give you that extra depth of water to jump into. 

From this height, you don't normally want to wear a BA as the force of the impact into the water can rip your BA off your body, which nearly happened on this occasion. 

As I hit the water, the force of water ripped my BA up and into my face, smashing me in the nose, My first thought was I had broken my nose but upon checking it, it was OK. 



Playing with the Mega Neutron at Westward Ho!

My brother Ben is training to be an outdoor activities instructor and he's a keen kayaker, more specifically, he has really started to get seriously into kayak surfing. I enjoy kayaking too, but up until now, have been more used to the more sedate river running and static wave playboating in a nice steady creek boat. The Mega Neutron was VERY different, but wow, when you get to grips with the instability when you're not moving and catch a wave, you see why the boat was designed like this. The slightest adjustment in weight and your edges did all the work, carving effortlessly through the wave. Ben's now bought the plastic (there's also a posher performance composite version) model and I'm looking forward to pinching it off from time to time...


I was at the Animal Windfest last week, where I got introduced to the new Predator VX360. There's been loads of press about this new camera over the last few weeks, and much of the hype is well founded, it would appear. It's a pretty tasty looking product, it feels pretty solid and well constructed and provides some real flexibility when it comes to shot angles and positioning. I didn't find too much wrong on a short term review, so really it's up to sustained and prolongued testing periods of intense use to put it through it's paces. Hopefully I'll get my grubby mits on one again soon. In the meantime, here's some footage shot at the Windfest, which was great event down on the Sandbanks Penninsula, with perfect weather!

I also have in my possession, currently undergoing some pretty serious testing, is the distributed VIO POV.1.5. This camera is around the same price as the Predator - £500.00 and again, really does feel the part as a solid, well manufactured and well designed piece of equipment. The results of my testing and review will be posted onto Fidgetstick/ in the next few weeks - watch that space! Here's some of the IOV promotional footage for your delight...

Casual Coasteering with my bro at Durdle Door

Ben and I headed down to Durdle Door, near Lulworth Cove in Dorset - an iconic landmark on the Jurassic coastline, for a spot of coasteering and to test out the Boxit waterproof mobile phone case and the Aquapac DSLR waterproof cover.

Lot's of fun.