Well, what can I say? We have an incredible town here by the sea, and it would be silly not to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings that line the coast here and not make good use of it. 

  As most people work, go to school, or are busy, fitting time into skate becomes ever more difficult, it was only right to dedicate one evening/night a week so we could all meet up and skate.

So throughout most of the year, “Vortex” longboard store puts on their Thursday shop sessions.

They have established the “Thursday night skate night” where you can meet shop owner Patrick Marsh (when he’s not out working around the world), Dan Hellyer (shop bitch), and 

Jonathan Braund (team rider), and a whole bunch of crazy good skaters, and up and coming groms at Branksome Dene chine car park to get your shred on. They aim to try and attract new people, kids and adults alike to come and have a go, learn to stand on a board for the first time or to learn to slide, carve, or to just come to meet some new people, Vortex riders will likely be there any weather, so come pick their brains for technique and some tips on how to learn that slide shov. 


Don’t worry if you don’t have a board as the shop usually brings demo boards and wheels for you to try out or will bring the latest products down, we highly recommend you bring a helmet and they might even have some spare gloves for you to borrow if you ask nicely...every week they try and have competitions that vary, slalom, biggest standy, best bail, fastest speed, hippy jumps, Patrick loves his gadgets so every week he will have something new to play with down there including the speed trap however, as winter approaches and the nights set in, Paddy has purchased some new free standing flood lights for corners, and some colorful lasers. 

The venue we use generally is situated on the South Coast, in-between Bournemouth and Poole, it’s a hidden car park along the cliff top overlooking Poole Bay, Its fantastic as its easy to spot, and has a toilet block, the car park its self is situated on two levels, where it’s a smooth, relatively fast gradient through the cover of the tree’s, sweeping to the left and then it straightens for about 50 meters, where you then have two options to take a relatively sharp left that can be gripped, that then drops down to the lower level car park with a sharp, gradient right that you can drift or from the straight you can grip up or drift around a nice right hander down to another section of car park, the options are fantastic for developing your racing and freeriding techniques although through the summer as it gets busier we do sometimes have to move to other local hills but this all gets arranged well in advanced for the younger ones to sort out lifts. 

  Safety is a priority as they don’t want to ruin any relationship with the council or local authority, they’ve never had any issues to skating here, people can see that they are professional although there not an official club, we use a “longboarders in road” sign at entrance to car park, and spotters along the corners and road to warn drivers, they are hoping to have some free standing flags to add to the collection of goodies.  

To end the evening throughout the summer they’ll usually get the BBQ burning and all Patrick ask’s is for you to bring some meat, maybe a few buns and we’ll do the cooking, as night falls you may need a head torch but we try to lighten it up as best we can with glow sticks and torches....safety first!

So don’t be shy, come on down and meet us and have a skate, we’re usually there from half 5/6pm till about 9.30 and shred some thane with us. Keep an eye out on details of nights on the Facebook page (Vortex Longboard store UK).