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So most recently I have been lucky enough to get a hook up with Jamboo headphones UK. 

San Diego based Jamboo Headphones, came to life by raising money from the well-known crowdfunding website Kickstarter. With a 30 day campaign to reach a goal of $12,000, longtime childhood friends, Scooter Vaughan and Austin Glenn were able to gain support from around the world to raise over $20,000. That money was used to bring Jamboo Headphones to fruition and give customers a unique, style-driven choice in the cluttered headphone market. They strive to produce a fashionable, long lasting, and inexpensive headphone. Jamboo Headphones are a unique, tangle-free, headphone solution that will grab people’s attention while giving off a natural vibe to fit your personality.

Most recently, that have been set up here in the UK by JL distributions based in London, I was lucky enough to get in contact with Joe, the owner and he sorted me out with some headphones to get me started. All their heaphones are pretty funky, with cool colour patterns and the ear pieces and 9mm jack is made from Bamboo to keep to its ethical nature. 

I managed to receive 3 sets of headphone's:

Meet Harmony Tree, It's colour way is taken from the natural environment of any rain forest or woodland, very earthy feel to these headphones which make them great for any festival. 




These are Rasta, using the standard Jamaican colour way of black, red, green and yellow, these headphones suit anyone that follows that lifestyle, or just wants to kick back ad chill out. 



Finally, these are Night Sky. Perfect for anyone that doesn't want loud, bright colours, and want to keep a more subtle look while out and about. Following the night sky colours of black, white and grey they look awesome when wearing a coloured t shirt as they then stand out. Perfect for all occasions. 


There are still a few other styles available from Jamboo, including the Sound Wave, Blossom and Shine, You can probably guess what the colour ways would be with these. They have also recently brought out the Eagle, The first pair to be built with a speaker for handsfree calling. I look forward to adding to the collection.  They have an incredibly comfy in-ear style ear piece that sits snuggle into the ear, this makes the headphones sit securely in your ear without falling when jumping around, skating etc... 

The design of the headphones have been weaved so that they don't tangle up, which makes life so much easier when your in a rush to listen to your favourite tunes. 

As their relatively new to the UK the aim is for me to increase awareness of the brand here in the UK through my longboarding and other sports that I get involved in, through social media, by sharing their posts, images, etc and to include my own content of photos, videos, and posts too both on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

I look forward to seeing the development and increase of business for brand as they stand for something that slowly more and more people are becoming aware off, Doing their part for the earths survival. 

If your interested in seeing more from these guys then check out there website:

Instagram: Jambooheadphonesuk 

Twitter: @UKJamboo