It was actually a while ago, March 2011 to be precise, but I only just came across this video and thought it was pretty wicked and definitely worth sharing.

So, it was during the first Launch Conference, where I was attending along with 3 startups from the TWiSTldn Meetup that I host.

After the meetup, my buddy Nic drove down to LA with his friend from Facebook, leaving me in San Francisco for a few more days. So I had by first AirBnB experience. Funny thing was, one of the companies I was with was Tripbod. And my host was Jamie Wong from Vayable, what would turn out to be Tripbod's main competitor for authentic travel experiences.

Anyway, Jamie was cool and she organised this tour of San Francisco on bikes, taking in the usual sites - Town Hall, the Ball Park, The Castro etc. but in geeky fashion, it came with a tech startups flavour. We saw the offices of AirBnB, Twitter (and supposedly the park bench where Biz, Ev and Jack came up with idea... whatever) and probably a few more..

But regardless, it was fun and a nice way to see a city - I'd recommend it.