After watching the Ray Mears World of Survival repeat on the BBC this week, my mind has been captivated once again by the wilderness of Northern Canada. Mrs S and I are now planning to go on a wilderness and survival trip next year. I found a cool trip on, especially this trip into the Maine Woods. Ideally, I think I'd prefer the Yukon so will be scouring the web for the best expedition packages, let me know if you know of any you'd recommend.

Personally, I'd love nothing more than to live a life of basic survival, but unfortunately, there aren't many log cabin plots in the Yukon with decent WiFi access. So let's start with a trip and see where the urge takes us.

It really didn't help that I just finished reading "The Good Life - Up the Yukon without a paddle" by Dorian Amos. It is a wonderful tale of how a couple with an urge for a different life make the big leap and head out into the Canadian wilderness in search of fullfillment of a non-materialistic kind. They settle in (or just outside) Dawson City with their dog, a cross between a German Shepard and a BASSET HOUND! I don't know how that dog managed to survive it! Must get the sequel now - "The Good Life Gets Better".

Anyway, not wanting this to turn into a book review, I'd definitely recommend this witty and inspiring read about a life journey that we all secretly long to for, but few have the balls to carry forward.