I just got back from a trip to Scotland, it's a trip we make at least once a year simply because parts of Scotland are the most delightful places on earth to be. We generally stay at a beautiful highland estate, called Kingairloch, which has so captured my heart, sould and imagination - so much so, I married my wife there in April this year.

So, as is the norm for me, when I'm in Scotland, I go looking for things to do, extreme things. Things like long kayaking expeditions or canyoning down beautifully crafted waterfalls, evidence of mother nature's nack for the masterpiece.

As always, the first place I look (being a jack of all adventure sports and master of, well none, but I hope a few maybe close...) is the commercial activity providers of the area. Now I appreciate that this is the week after half term, and the weather was pretty crappy, but that week we had 3 good solid days of blue sky sunshine. Could I find any company who would humour my intention to get outside and get active? Could I heck.

So I phoned at least half a dozen, maybe more, companies when I was there, every day, multiple times per day. I even had the gaul to predict it may be tricky to organize, and so to help out, emailed the companies a couple of weeks in advance.

So, of those I called, only Rockhopper Kayaking actually came back to me. Highland Activities, G2 Outdoor and Vertical Descents didn't even though I left multiple messages. Snowgoose Mountain Centre was closed and the Ice Factor was shut for refurbishments. Monster activities answered and were honest that they couldn't accomodate. So, overall, not very impressive in my opinion, particularly where there was no response, not even a voicemail message saying they were closed for business which is quite unprofessional, in my opinion.

So, Archie and I were forced to go and find a mountain to climb on our own. Nay bother, we had a great time, but I can say that next time I'm in the area, I will think hard before deciding who I ask to take my money.