I'm Professional

Don't be fooled by the CTO thing. I've had experience running Sales teams and managing multi-million £££ annual sales budgets. I'm not your average geek.

Since leaving university, I consciously decided to take roles that would enable me to grow understanding and competency in multiple disciplines - from accounts, to sales & marketing, to production & operations. I knew I'd need all of these skills when starting my own business and they've stood me in good stead. My clients have benefited from an open-minded multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving and creating solutions.

I have been successful at winning sales & delivering business from small customers, large multinational organisations and top brands, from £5k to £5m.

As Technical Director of Integrated agency Bright Blue Day, I managed a team of highly talented .NET and front end developers, with responsibility for the company's digital offering, working with clients like Visa, UBS, Scottish Power, Zurich Insurance, Bournemouth University and Skins.

I have delivered small local projects of limited complexity through to large globally distributed teams with complex supply chains, multiple stakeholders and regional variations.

I have a particular expertise in the recruitment of remote dev teams and invest considerable time and money in the process of identifying new talent, ensuring workflow consistency and best practise.

I'm Creative

I have always been a creative person. I enjoyed art, in particular drawing and painting as a child. In recent times, I've embraced digital technologies for the creation of my art.

I enjoy working with the Adobe Creative Suite and can competently create unique designs for web, graphics and user interfaces, though typically I'll leave this up to the trained professionals - it just helps that I speak their language and understand the creative process.

I enjoy using Sketch and more recently Adobe XD for UI designs and I dabble somewhat in Adobe After Effects as a tool for animation.

I have had the pleasure of working with some extremely talented creatives at top global agencies and I hope some of their talent has rubbed off on me.


I'm Technical

As Technical Director, CTO and developer, I am an experienced technical leader, mentor and hands-on coder. From initial concept, I apply lean and agile philosophies to product development.

With my technical skills, focussed on iOS and MacOS, javascript (react.js) and back-end (ruby / rails & node / express) I can normally bash out a competent prototype that serves to challenge early assumptions in a project.

From here, I structure and manage projects in Production through a modified Scrum-like process, adapted for use with remote teams involving Test Driven development, Continuous Integration, peer to peer code reviews and pair programming.

I'm well versed across the Amazon Web Services product set, including EC2, S3, Cloudfront, IAM and more recently, the IoT platform.

I've built a range of things myself, including an iOS app for monitoring mood and heart rate correlations with machine learning, a chatBot nutrition assistant for iOS and many more...

I'm Active

Though it has to be said, since having my first little boy and starting my own business, I'm not as active as I'd like to be or indeed used to be. I have a passion for adventurous activities, anything that gets the blood pumping. I've tried most things and I'll try anything once, you can read about my adventures here, including 


Jumping out of aeroplanes

Flying aeroplanes

Jumping off of cliffs

Jumping down waterfalls

Flying big kites

Riding down hills very fast

Snowboarding down mountains

As well as the more extreme side, I also enjoy golf, football, road cycling and used to be into martial arts.

I once cycled 750 miles from St Malo to Santander with my best friends, since we all turned 30 and had an early mid-life crisis.


Oh and I Like Blue... in case you hadn't noticed... :)


Some might say...

Steve is a born team leader. In his vocabulary the word problem has been substitute with the word solution. Everything he does seem effortless. As this wasn’t annoying enough Steve is also one of the finest experts in web trends I know.
— Alfredo Violante,
Steve has been a great resource to work with. He presents complex data in simple language and understands our core objectives, against which he has delivered very well.
— Emma Loisel, Angel Investor
I worked with Steve for the best part of 3 years and throughout this period he continuously demonstrated his talent in successfully leading complex and large scale global retail projects. A really intelligent guy who has the ability to breakdown the most complex of projects or challenges and clearly define and communicate the right solutions, making him a huge asset for any agency and clients alike. I would not hesitate in recommending Steve.
— Alasdair McIntyre,
Steve has a clear and level headed approach to clients business and project needs. This mixed with a highly developed sense of what is right to get the job done to the benefit of all involved made him a pleasure to work with.
— Matt Tipping,
“Steve is a vital asset to the success of our projects. He has a deep understanding of the core problematics and an excellent competence in proposing the best solutions. His entreprenaurial approach makes him a very good strategist, a very passionate and proactive professional, and a real source of inspiration. He does what it takes to deliver the results.”
— Sergio Mottola, Ideando